See The Light

It’s a nice coincidence that this video comes out today. I was pretty devastated just before going on stage last night in Vancouver. It was a struggle to stay focused on performing while my stomach did somersaults. We soldiered on and so did you. Thank you for the love, Vancouver. The band was in shock the whole ride back to our hotel… I woke up this morning hoping it was all a dream/nightmare. I had forgotten that Exclaim! was premiering our new video for “See The Light” today. Why would anyone care about a stupid song? But then I remembered the lyrics and its message:
Feel as though there’s nothing worth saving So much is sacred but no one’s forgiven Oh, it’s so hard to let’s things go Much is lost to the greed of the wealthy Much is taken while their hearts are all empty Oh, it’s so hard should we let go
Oh, I hope I can see clearly If I only leave my heart to guide me To the place where I know should be Oh, far from contradictions So my life can fulfill its function So that I can finally see the light
The message is that we need to move on. We need to follow our hearts. I need to be a better me every day. If you get stuck in the past, nothing changes. Do NOT feel powerless. Do NOT be idle. There is always light.
Love, Rishi